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Running a business can be intense. Too often it’s decisions made on the fly that set the course of how things are done for years. Trust your gut, sure, but know as much as you can before you jump. As a Naperville business lawyer, I advise business owners and executives in and around Chicago and the Midwest about key aspects of building better companies that out shine their competition. If you’d like a law firm that can keep you agile when it feels like the obstacles are piling up, you’ve found it.

Understanding your business and where you are leading it is the key to effective legal representation and the foundation of a successful relationship. I have focused my practice on small business clients for more than 20 years, offering fixed prices for developing the right strategies and delivering them with straightforward advice in plain English. Starting, running, and expanding your business requires a clear view of the legal landscape between you and your future and confidence in advisors that can point the way. Improving your business is important. The right advice makes it possible.

Build value with thoughtful planning, consistency with tight contracts, brand identity with strong marks and peace of mind with responsiveness. Let me help you launch, expand, plan for succession, re-structure your organization and customer relationships as well as sell your business or buy another. I represent businesses and their owners so my practice as a Naperville business attorney is concentrated on the issues that have your attention, whether you’re brick and mortar or totally in the cloud.

Starting? If you’re just starting out, choosing the right entity for your business and structuring it to fit how the owners interact is critical. But so is your relationship with your clients. Your contracts will be understood and serve as guideposts, not stumbling blocks. Your customer and vendor relationships will be tight and leave no opportunity unexamined.

Innovating? I can help you identify, establish, license and enforce your rights in your brands, cloud and app software, web content, know how – the “secret sauce” that differentiates you. Your brands will carve the niches your competition will only wish they thought of first.

Competing? I can keep your aggressive stance in the market from going over the line or defend your strategies if your competitors already think you’ve crossed the line.

Branding? I can develop brand identities that carve your niche and stick with your customers or help you develop package design and motifs that trademark law will protect even without a federal registration.

Advertising? I can help you comply with the layered regulations around your new packaging, labeling and ad campaign.

Growing? I can structure, guide and complete your merger or acquisition. I can advise you on buying into an existing business and reduce your risk while increasing your influence.

Hiring? I can help you develop employee policies and procedures appropriate for today’s digital landscape and employee and contractor agreements that keep your customers, employees and trade secrets safe.

Retiring? I can design and implement a succession plan to put your business in new hands and an estate plan to pass along the rest of your assets.

I look forward to discussing your business and where you want to lead it. Please fill in the contact form with your name, email address, phone number and the particular legal issue you would like to discuss with a Naperville business lawyer, and we can schedule an initial consultation. Many of my clients are in the Chicago suburbs, minutes from my office just off of Diehl Road, south of I-88 between the Naperville Road and Winfield Road exits just west of 355 and Route 53.