Developing a strong brand identity requires a keen sense of knowing your organization and its products and services then choosing where they are best positioned in the market. To be the next big thing you need to be found and remembered and loyally returned to, again and again. And you need to own your brand.

Your brand triggers an emotional response with your customers, no matter what you’re offering. Are you comfortable with that first impression? More importantly, can you own your space on the Web? Imitation may be sincere flattery but losing sales to a copycat is insulting.

A strong branding strategy, rooted in trademark and trade dress rights, lifts you above the crowd where your customers can find you and send their friends to you. As a trademark attorney, I am uniquely positioned to know how the best brands define themselves then occupy and enforce their turf. By collaborating with you, I can broaden your creative vision then sharpen your focus on legally sound marks and taglines, searching along the way to eliminate unavailable terms and dead ends. I can file applications to register your marks before you launch, allowing you get Trademark Office feedback before committing to an expensive ad campaign.

If you own your marks, you own how you’re known.

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