Working with an attorney who understands your goals brings value to your business. Knowing the price of the legal services you need upfront gives you the comfort to think about results not hours. Fixed prices best reflect how important accomplishing your legal goals are to you and the skill required, the difficulty involved, and the time limitations.

Fixed prices:

  • Align your interests with the firm’s interest;
  • Promote more regular and detailed communication;
  • Emphasizes efficiency and effectiveness;
  • Eliminate frustration with what was billed and how long it took;
  • End the need to comb through invoices and decipher cryptic entries; and
  • Don’t surprise you.

Should you choose to change the scope of services or if something unforeseen requires a different tact, we’ll reshape the representation agreement to fit the circumstances.

Sound legal advice means bringing fresh ideas to your issues to create elegant solutions.

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